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Mon Mar 7

New tree is offically up, this one is down

Well, click here and click follow:

And probably unfollow this one, as this has become a port-account for links to the new one.



Mon Feb 28

Following oddness

Well, due to some technical issues, I’m going to have to re-create this tumblr. One week from today, you will have to refollow me if you want to continue seeing my videos.

Alternatively, you can follow the still-under-construction recreation of this site in advance. I would recommend you unfollow this one when you follow that one, as this one will be converted into a RSS import blog with links and redirects to that one.

As this is all kinda confusing, PLEASE email me if you run into any confusion at all at:

Thanks for your patiance during this transition,


Tue Feb 22

Nice Gumi song, In a more traditional style. It’s about Grapes, though.

Mon Feb 21

Old len song- but my favorite len song.

Sun Feb 20

An absolutely astounding Rin song. I think this is the best thing I’ve ever heard from Rin.

NNC doing a wonderful cover of Poker Face.

Sat Feb 19

A luka song that doesn’t have her as insane? This is a rarity.

A nice Rin/Len duet- See? I do listen to requests.

Hm, seems to be a theme setting up for today, eh?

A good PV- but I think it’s trying too hard to be disappearance of Miku or Left and right.